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Fishing Story
« on: August 13, 2017, 11:18:59 AM »
I'm not in the habit of telling the location of my hunting and fishing spots.  Somewhere in Montana there is this really big, long, lake with all kinds of different fish in it.  Where I go you follow about 60 miles of gravel road up to No-Namem Creek.

Well at any rate I'm not a great fisherman.  I'm still learning how to fish that place.  One way to catch big Northerns is to use a Rapalla lure with steel leader.  I went there a while back and lost a huge Northern because my tackle wasn't up to snuff.  The drag wasn't working right, and he broke my line.

So, the next trip, I had a new pole, reel, and some of that new fangled spider-wire.  I hooked onto something just as the sun was going down.  It felt like a big snag, but then it started to fight.  A while later it swam next to the boat and it reminded me of a shark going by. I'm used to catching little fish in the mountains.  My wife and daughter hooped and hollared when they saw that.

My daughter grabbed a big-ole net that I had just bought at Cabella's and tried to net him tail first.  Bad idea......he was too long for that net.  He fell right out.  I told her to get him head first.  The next try he swam in the net, and my daughter tried to lever him into the boat.  She was bending the frame of the net, so I jumped in to help.

Finally we got him into the boat.  It was the biggest fresh-water fish that I've ever caught.  He was right at three and a half feet long.

A lot of people won't eat Northerns.  A buddy of mine makes fertilizer out of them for his garden.  Another friend said that he ate sucker once, and it tasted better than Northern.  Well, I wasn't going to throw this old boy away.  With the help of you-tube, I got the Y bones out.  After soaking the meat in milk I put corn meal on it, then fried it.  It tasted great!  I can't wait to go back in there and catch another one.

I don't have a clue how to post pictures on here.  The next time I see Riley, I'll have him show me how......


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