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General Horse and Mule forum / Re: gelding
« Last post by Spade Creek on July 25, 2017, 09:55:06 PM »
Had a horse that would mount all in heat mares.  They call this a cript orchid.  He would act like a stud. Got him to the vet to check and he could not get any of the mares pregnant but it didn't stop him from trying.
General Horse and Mule forum / Re: Need advise on first horses
« Last post by Spade Creek on July 25, 2017, 09:48:54 PM »
I have always bought most of my horses and a mule from auctions.  I realize you aren't as knowledgeable as some so I would give this advice.  There are generally two types of horse auctions, regular and select.  At a general auction there can be very good horses that sell for cheap  ($1200-down) , but it takes experience and a little luck to find these types .  Also, at these auctions are the rank, unbroken, lame, problem horses that people are trying to dump.  So, if you go to an auction make sure you bring someone that has experience and can tell the difference. Up in Montana there is a auction in Billings called BLS.  It is a good auction that has the type of animals you are describing that sells in march called the outfitters sale. I would not consider this a select sale but close. 

The second type of auction is the select type.  These auctions are held every year and typically have the same sellers. They catalog the animals and give a brief description and picture.  Sometimes the sellers will preview the horse by ridding, roping or packing to show off its skills.  These types of sales are safer and sometimes are guaranteed or your money back.  I bought a mule at a select sale this spring and could not be happier.  Of course the down side is your going to spend some extra money at select sales.  There is a good select auction in Salmon Idaho in May, both horses and mules.

I have bought many over the years at sales, and thank god have never picked a bad one.  The few I did own that didn't work out i bought from friends, go figure.  Take your time and go to some auctions and just watch.  You can start to figure out which ones are the calm quite ones that you should buy.  You don't need the horse that the seller is running and spinning in the sale ring.  Look for the ones that are quite and have a good handle. I looked for three years before buying my first mule. I bought him at a catalog select sale.  He wasn't finished like some of the others but he sold for cheaper and I will just finish him myself.  Good luck
General Horse and Mule forum / Re: Need advise on first horses
« Last post by saddlesore on July 17, 2017, 10:17:03 AM »
Sometimes, it's not the person that trained them.The critter has a screw lose, wired wrong or something.I always see mules for sale that their team mate died or such . they go thru the auction and people buy them, then have trouble with them. After they lose their team mate,they are never right again. Some will actually sulk up an die on you. Hope all turns out OK for you and your daughter.
General Horse and Mule forum / Re: Need advise on first horses
« Last post by Steve on July 17, 2017, 09:23:14 AM »
Everything you said makes a ton of sense Saddle Sore.

There's no sense in keeping a horse like that.

That horse was kept with another old horse, that was crippled up.  They were kept together for the last three years.  Well, the owner of that old horse decided to put it down.  They did it right in front of my daughters horse, then they buried it with a back hoe.  My daughter's horse was freaking out the entire time.  It even tried to dig the horse back up by digging with it's hooves.  My daughter found out about all this.  She wasn't invited to be there when the Vet killed that old horse.  So, a few weeks ago, i had to drive almost 1200 miles to go get my daughter's horse.....She wanted to get it out of there.  Maybe this is another factor in why it is acting up now.

My daughter worked all last week.  On Saturday she woke up with blood in her ears and a severe head ache.  She was so dizzy she could hardly stand.  Her husband took her to the hospital for a CT scan.  Things looked okay, but she is still so dizzy that she can't drive or work.  I guess it may take months for a concussion like that to heal.

I'm going to do my best to get her to sell that knot-head horse.  i blame myself for not doing a better job of breaking it.....
General Horse and Mule forum / Re: gelding
« Last post by saddlesore on July 16, 2017, 06:52:20 AM »
Ditto, what Steve said.I don't know the exact terminology,but above the testicles, there is  another small part  that needs to be removed too. It is said that not removing it is what makes them referred to being proud  cut.. I would confer with a good vet.
General Horse and Mule forum / Re: Need advise on first horses
« Last post by saddlesore on July 16, 2017, 06:49:13 AM »
Steve.I would not mes with a horse like that. At our age,it isn't worth it. I had a mule I had bred, raised, trained  ,but she was always flighty.I rode her for twelve years and we got a lot done.I always had the feeling though that she was going to hurt me.

A few years ago, I had to put her stable mate down. She wasn't particularly buddy sour, but after that, she completely changed. She would go out where I buried that other mule and just stand there.She lost all self confidence and would try to buddy up with any four legged creature.On the last hunting trip I used her,she got all worked up trying to stay with a rental horse.She took off with me and started  into  a dense grove of aspen. I baled off as I knew I could not survive in those thick trees with her running full bore.

Well I almost didn't survive. I ended up in  a little local hospital with broken ribs, concussion and bruise internal organs( what ever that means). I was laid up for about 6 months.
That mule is now on pack string and does real well in that environment, but I would never trust her to be a saddle mule.

You need to sit down with your daughter and have a real talk with her about that horse. You don't want to lose your daughter because of  a stupid jug head.
General Horse and Mule forum / Re: Need advise on first horses
« Last post by Steve on July 13, 2017, 03:40:40 PM »
Those concussions will catch up with you.  I've hit my head so many times that i'm starting to have memory problems.  I used to think that anyone who wore a riding helmet was a sissy.  I'm starting to rethink all of that.  My wife wears one.  She always was a lot smarter than I am....
General Horse and Mule forum / Re: Need advise on first horses
« Last post by Steve on July 13, 2017, 03:33:58 PM »
My daughter has a high strung horse that we should have gotten rid of a long time ago.  He's only been ridden a few times in three years.  He ended up running off with my daughter, and threw her off hard.  I took her to the ER right after.  She was having some vision problems.  She ended up with a mild concussion.

I'd sure like to get rid of that horse, but my daughter is still in love with him.  I'm wondering what kind of bit to use on that horse.  I have a twisted wire snaffle on him now.  The horse has had a lot of bad experiences over the years and has trust issues.  It's going to take more than a severe bit to fix him.  When he was a colt he ran through a coral and landed on my leg.  Another time he ran off with me and I couldn't turn him even though I was pulling on one reign with both arms.  He hits the ground so hard that it's hard to stay in the saddle.  I'd like to make dog food out of him, but my daughter won't have it.....I'm going to start from square 1 with him in the round pen.  He needs a lot of miles put on him.  I wonder if you can ever trust a horse like that.  It will take a lot of time that I don't have.  Three years ago i had him working fairly well.  But my daughter had him in Eastern Montana since then.  I'm getting too old to be riding wild horses.  Pushing 70 is no fun!
General Horse and Mule forum / Re: gelding
« Last post by Steve on July 13, 2017, 03:24:56 PM »
I was a kid we had a horse like that.  My Dad said he was cut proud, and we got rid of him.  He was a good saddle horse until he got around a mare in heat.  Right now I have a mule like that.  A Vet can test to see if they are cut wrong.  If so, they can reoperate on them.  So far i've been trying to tolerate that mule and his antics.
General Camp Cooks Forum / Cook job - One time
« Last post by 2rocky on July 12, 2017, 04:45:57 PM »
Due to a medical emergency, I had to cancel on a group of Rock Climbers in the Wind River Range. 

Group of 10 from Aug 20-26, 27, or 28th. 

Summer Job- One Time Job- Looking for an experienced camp cook to camp with and cook for a group  The family is packing out with Big Sandy Lodge. The family will pay the cook directly and will pay for your saddle ride with them to the camp . This is an amazing camping spot, as you can see in the pictures. Serious inquiries only. Please contact Natasha @ 307-749-1401.
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