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Greg Heimgartner, Washington, June class 1995
Cody and LeRee,
"It has been a long time since I was a student in your outdoor classroom. Peterson hunting magazine called it 28 days in the hole but I called it my office and have been working in an office in the Rocky Mountains ever since. I have guided pro sports players, movie stars and even done a few hunting shows and they have all turned out to be great friends. The days are long and the work is hard but the time spent outdoors pursuing a passion is well worth it.

I have been with Bull Basin Guides and Outfitters since that call I made to Dean Billington from your guide school camp. I guide deer, elk, bear, lion, antelope and even do some fishing. The clients hunt with rifles, archery, pistols, black powder and even cross bows which makes every week a different challenge. I guide on 70,000 plus or minus acres with a variety of habitat that range from 6500 to over 10,000 feet in elevation. This job is unlike any other job and every day you have new challenges and the views from my office change daily. Thanks again for the great education and the opportunity to work at a job I truly love to do."

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Then in 1995, (1st season of guiding) and now, (14th season of guiding).

Bill Youngs from Puyallup, WA
At age 52, Bill Youngs graduated Royal Tine and worked for Medicine Lake Outfitters. Bill did a lot of guiding and packing in some of Montana’s prettiest areas. Pictured is Bill, packing out his first kill. Bill had some good stories to tell of his first year guiding, including adventures with grizzly bears and wolves and a helluva wreck with a pack string.
Check out a story written by Bill about his guiding adventure! Click here to read Bill's Story

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Cale Mensink, Minnesota, June 2006 class
"I was laid off from my job driving trucks in the winter of '06. I wasn't really in the mood to do the whole job search thing, and really didn't want to be driving trucks, either. I grew up on a dairy farm, and was brought up hunting and enjoying the outdoors. I had never been out west, and had always dreamed of seeing the mountains. I thought if there was a way I could make a living somehow being outdoors, that would be perfect. I did some searching on the internet for guide schools, and Royal Tine kept coming up. From what I read, it sounded like the best fit to me, I especially liked the prospect of receiving job placement after school. I decided to jump on the opportunity and got one of the remaining spots for the upcoming summer.

I spent the next few months preparing by getting myself into good physical condition. When the time for school finally came around, I made the 20+ hour drive to Montana. I remember how excited I was when I started approaching the foothills of the mountains near Billings. I couldn't believe I was actually doing it. The class was everything I could have hoped for. Cody and LeRee are great people who run an outstanding school. I think how we focused on the horsemanship and packing aspects was very important because most new guides will not guide their first year, so they have to be able to pack and work with the stock. Cody and LeRee understand this, which is why their students are more prepared coming out than most people from other schools. LeRee's meals are worth the price of tuition alone - the guide/packer school was just a bonus!

The four weeks of class flew by, and by the time school was over, I had contacted seven outfitters and set up interviews. I spent the next week driving between Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and Washington interviewing with them all. I was offered a job by every outfitter, and was able to choose where I wanted to work. I really liked when I talked to Scott and Shelda Farr at Middle Fork Lodge. They have been outfitting in the Frank Church for the better part of 40 years, and run a first class outfit. I have been here at the lodge ever since I got out of school, working full time year round as Ranch Foreman along with the guiding. I've been on most of the big game hunts we offer - elk, deer, bear, sheep, lion, bobcat. The only one I haven't hunted is goat and moose (the wolves have all but wiped the moose out of the Middle Fork). The lodge is amazing, and I hope to work here for a long, long time.

I owe all the thanks to Cody and LeRee. I encourage anyone who is interested in the guiding, packing, cooking, or the outdoors in general to consider them first. They helped me realize my dreams, and they can do the same for you to!"

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Brian Hemphill, Oregon, Class of 1996
Graduated Royal Tine and immediately went to work for Apache Land & Cattle in Taos, New Mexico. His ranch leases over a 1/4 million acres in hunting land each year and he has guided clients to two B&C muley bucks and numerous big bulls. He has taken some big name clients such as Al and Bobby Uncer (car racers) and James Hetfield of Metallica. He has also been in a couple of hunting videos.

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Beau Kobetsky, Minnesota, Class of 2006
"I've been guiding in the Frank church wilderness of Idaho ever since I graduated Royal Tine. I've seen and done some pretty amazing things the last few years working as a guide. I've been hunting Elk, Mule deer, Black bear, Bobcats, Mountain lions, and Big Horn Sheep. I've been fishing some world class high mountain lakes and streams for trout, while guiding fishermen. I've been meeting some wonderful people thru out the years, co-workers, and guest of ours that are some real good friends of mine now, and I wouldn't trade for the world. I've been packing, flying, hunting, and living in the real remote, rugged, and truly breath taking mountains of the Frank Church-River of no return wilderness, and the salmon river and its drainages.

This has all been a dream come true for me, I grew up and worked on our family farm back east, I've always had a love for the outdoors, and always dreamed of doing some of the things I have been lately. I just can't think of a better way to fulfill that love and passion for the outdoors, than to live it, and make a living out of it!

Lots of different opportunities have arose over the years working as a guide. I'm looking at a ranch foremen position this year at our seasonal ranch in the chamberlain basin. I found my love and interest for horse shoeing, and for hounds and hound hunting working as a guide. I have a small pack (3) of my own Walker hounds. The outfitter I work for hired me this year as their houndsmen to do their cat hunt. I was honored to do that, and I am just tickled about my dogs, they are doing a great job, the cat hunt went well for us, and I'm looking forward to doing some more hunts for them!

I must say that this was all made possible for me because of Cody and LeRee at Royal Tine. Royal Tine is where I got my start. They have been so great, they are much more than instructors, they are good friends, and they are there to help you find the job you want, and get the training you need! I've worked with some other students from other guide schools over the years, and let me say they didn't have near the knowledge of ropes, hitches, knots, and horsemanship as the students that come from Royal Tine do. If I ever start doing the hiring at our outfit, I can tell you I'm gonna look nowhere else but Royal Tine for student's that are already way ahead of the game!"

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Patrick Warren, California, Class of 1999
Patrick Warren and his friend Allan Councilman went through the school and on to work for Heavens Gate Outfitters in Riggins, ID. Patrick helped guide a client to a 327 B&C bull. He has since guided clients to more elk and whitetails. Pictured are Patrick and a client with a whitetail and the camp and a 'good' hunt where he was working.

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