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Stephen Rosso, Idaho, July class 2007
"I went right to work in my home state of Idaho, in one of the most amazing and exciting places and that is the roadless 2.3 million acres of the Frank Church Wilderness. There is nothing like it, from riding the horses along the great Middle Fork of the Salmon to riding up Big Creek in August as the native Chinook salmon are swimming right next to you. I have now worked for a couple different outfits in the Frank Church. I am able to keep working and guiding from the middle of August to the end of January, with running the hounds chasing lions probably being my newest addiction.

I love my job about as much as I can say. I have met incredible people through it, from my many clients to other guides and outfitters. It is something that cannot necessarily be explained until you have lived in a tent without electricity, and drank water only from the mountain streams for over half a year. I don't see myself leaving this line of work for a long time if I can keep with it. Of course my future goal has my own outfit in it, but I will stick to the guiding for a bit longer before I decide to deal with all that paperwork.

Whether you plan on coming to the school to pursue what I call "my dream", or you just love the outdoors as much as myself, you can't go wrong by coming to Royal Tine for the knowledge you can get is not only pertaining to becoming a guide, but can be just as helpful with many other outdoor activities. Hope everyone has a great winter, spring, and summer, cause I am counting the days till next fall."

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Tyler Beach, Texas, Class of April 2004
"Dear Cody and LeRee',
Worked in Wyoming for Gap Pucchi. I don't regret working for Gap one bit, quite a unique experience. I learned a whole lot, saw some amazing country and had some equally amazing experiences. Got to guide, and pack with Derick W. McKay, a former student of yours, a hell of a horseman, shoer and comedian. I'm thoroughly enjoying outfitting and can't wait to get back out there in the saddle! Anyways, hope ya'll are doing well. Really enjoyed guide school and think you run a great program!"

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Mike Grundmann, Canada, July 2001
In the past 8 years I have guided across Western Canada and during that time have gotten to know many different people, and see many different places. I have always been a lover of the outdoors and hunting, during my last year of high school I was uncertain about what to do after graduating until I found a listing for guide schools in a hunting magazine. I looked into a few different schools and decided Royal Tine was right up my alley. Cody, LeRee, and John were the friendliest, most hard working instructors I have ever met and really care about the students and teach them well. I recommend anyone who has any interest in the outdoors and wants a job they will enjoy the rest of their life to check them out. To me, guiding has never been just a job, it's a passion and I couldn't imagine doing anything else with my life. 5 years ago I bought my own Whitetail/Bear Outfit in Northern Saskatchewan and am now pro staff for a TV show out of the states. I know none of it would have been possible without Royal Tine.

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Matt Scott, Washington, June 2005
Royal Tine was the key to a great start in the hunting industry, it was the open door to a great time the past 4 years. I decided to attend the school because of my interest in packing, I owned a few mules and had done a little packing. I was 29 years old and ready for a change (Guys in my class called me Pappy). I grew up hunting and had learned most of my packing skills from family and an original hard back of "Horse's Hitches and Rocky Trails." These were just enough skills to get me in and out of the Bob and the Frank Church with wrecks of all kinds, rolled saddles, sore mules, and lots of laughs. During this weekend warrior faze I met a few Outfitters and started to think "They pay you to have this much fun?". Royal Tine was a month of great food, fun and most importantly taught me how to pack and guide professionally. This school was essential to my confidence and allowed me to enter the industry with a base knowledge that would have taken years to attain.

I have for the last four years ran the Outfitting for Middle fork Ranch Inc. located at Pistol Creek in the Franck Church. This year I spent 7 months in the backcountry doing summer pack trips, clearing trail, fishing, ranch work, breaking horses and of course setting up camps and guiding.

Cody and LeRee needed some help in April 2008 and honored me by inviting me to instruct at the school for two weeks. Having grown up in the west, I didn't realize how lucky my life has been, this was a chance to share with others. The class was great and would recommend anyone interested should just do it!!! You only live once.

"If your lucky enough to live in the mountains, your lucky enough"

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Brandon Ice, Minnesota, June 2005
Working in Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness for the past 4 seasons. These pictures were taken by a professional photographer who wrote an article in the Montana Sporting Journal magazine about the outfit Brandon works for.

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Otto Kulm, Oregon, June 1998
Just thought I would send you a note to tell you thanks for giving me a great head start in the guiding industry. I have been at it full time since graduation at Royal Tine, and I wouldn't have it any other way. The skills and knowledge that you and John shared with the class, proved to be the right stuff for the Alaskan wilderness. I knew I wanted to be in Alaska, and thanks to your job placement I found an outfitter who ran a string of horses and mules in the Alaska Range. I started out working as a packer for him, and became an assistant guide after a two year apprenticeship. I then worked for several other master guides and outfitters, guiding for Dall Sheep, Grizzly, Moose, Caribou, & Black Bear. What a dream come true, I was guiding clients in the 'last frontier' for some of the most desirable trophies in the world!

After three years of guiding for other outfitters, I was legally able to test for my registered guide license to become an Alaskan outfitter. So now I am my own boss, and have been outfitting for several years now. My wife and I move to Alaska full-time, and started Pacific Mountain Guides LLC. I now hold outfitting licenses in Alaska and Oregon, and also a captains license for fishing charters. I operate for seven months out of the year for; Brown Bear, Grizzly, Black Bear, Dall Sheep, Mtn. Goat, Elk, & Mule Deer. The work is definitely not easy, but thanks to you guys it is a dream come true.

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