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Kris Strickland, Indiana, July class 1999
Worked 4 years for Box Y Outfitters in Wyoming. Currently owns his own turkey hunting guide service and outdoor hunting film productions.

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Frank Henderson from Texarkana, AR
"2003 was a great year in Canada, most hunters shot good deer. The ones that did not passed on good deer for one like mine. I will be sending you a video that the outfitter and I put together so the students can have something to watch on their days off. I hope both of you (Cody and LeRee') are well and had a good hunting season."

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Josiah Bailey from Benton, PA
"I worked for George Duncan in Idaho and had a blast. I am going to get a couple of hounds this winter of my own. Going back to PA to make some more money and will be back in the spring! Thanks for everything!"


Ben Thimons from Warren, PA
"I just got home from Idaho on Sunday morning. What a blast! ! Our season went great, shooting 7 mature bulls out of 11 hunters. I guided 2 of them (would have been 3, but my hunter missed a really nice 6x7 bull at 70 yards 3 times!!!), and packed out the rest.

The education I received from Royal Tine was invaluable! I used almost every tidbit of knowledge I took away from it. Even taught the outfitter a thing or two, although he probably wouldn't admit it. I truly loved and enjoyed every minute of this season. I plan on returning to the Middle Fork in the spring. I can't thank you guys enough for the great start you gave me in this exciting field! ! ! I'm going to be guiding and/or packing until I'm not able to do it anymore. The hard work, the hardships, the success, and the constant uncertainties of this job can't be matched!

I hope you are both (Cody and LeRee) doing well and having a good season. I'll be staying in PA this winter working full time back at the sporting good store, and part time at a local riding club. I just got to liking those horse critters too much to give it up all winter. Take care, and thanks again!!!"

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Dustin Charest from Lumby, British Columbia, Canada
"Well, the season went pretty well for being my first year. I think my parents sent you pictures of my first moose. It was pretty cool. It had a 53" spread. I had one hunter who missed a wolf broadside at 50 yards. I had one hunter from California miss a monster mule deer. From what I have seen he was at least 30" inside spread and had the tallest rack I have ever seen. He was one of the ones you read about in the magazines. The deer hunting was also hard because the mule deer and whitetail have to have four points above the brow tine. We had to pass on lots of whitetail because they were short the last point. One we let go would have easily scored 140 probably more, but we couldn't shoot. I made good money here too; I got $3600 a month clear. Hope this letter finds you doing well."

Jake Hohn from Ethan, SD
"Guided in Wyoming and had a sucessful year. I plan on going back. Thanks for everything."

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Justin Knick from Fleming, OH
"After my guide school experience in 1999, I went to work for an outfitter located in Hotchkiss, Colorado. I want to thank you for showing us how it was done. The tips and techniques you (Cody) and John taught us has successfully helped me to guide hunts for elk, mule deer and bear for several seasons now. I have been quite successful. The picture is my first elk for a client. After a long and stressful stalk, we got him! He's not a monster, but my hunter was very happy. Thanks so much."

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Graham Goodfield, class of 1997
Worked in Idaho for several years, currently operates his own outfitting business in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. He offers day horse rides and pack trips.

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In 2001 my wife and I decided to quit our jobs and start guiding and cooking for a living. Doesn't sound like much if you are 19 years old and working in a factory, or Walmart making $18k a year. Not the case for us. I was 27 years old, and had been a mechanical engineer for seven years. My wife was 32 years old and a manager for Verizon Corp. We made $80k the last year before we went to guide and cook school. In my search for a guide school I spoke with many guide schools.

At Royal Tine, Cody and LeRee were the most honest and helpful in getting us the important information that we needed to make educated decisions about getting into the business. They did not try to sell us on the dream, they just told us the truth. Guide school was hard work, but so much fun. We were in school for four weeks, and by the third week, we already had a job lined up for the coming fall hunting season.

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Our first job was in Kansas guiding deer, duck, quail, and turkey hunting, where Maria was the lodge cook. The next job we took was managing the upland hunting division for an Orvis endorsed lodge in southern Illinois, where Maria managed the kitchen. Next we decided that we wanted to go to Alaska. That wasn't quite as easy as it would seem, so we took a job in Arizona managing a lodge there. Finally, last year we made our first trip to Alaska to guide salmon and trout fishing. I also guided a moose hunt in western AK. Every year I go to Kentucky to work for Trophys Unlimited where I am the head turkey-hunting guide, then down to Colorado to guide elk hunters!

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If it were not for Cody, LeRee, and John at Royal Tine and all their help, my wife and I would still be sitting behind a desk in an office with a terrible view. I must say that my new office has a great view all the time. Cody and LeRee have been so much more to us than just instructors. They have been friends to us for the past three and a half years. They have always been there to help us out with any questions or concerns that we have had, through the good and the bad.

We all know that this business is a dog eat dog line of work, and you will never do it for the money. You will do it because it will get in your blood and you can't ever imagine not doing it. I cannot think of myself working at a computer ever again. My wife and I are now working on getting our own lodge started. We look forward to the day coming soon when we can work for ourselves. Thanks so much, Cody and LeRee, for all your help during and after school.

Your Friend,
Josh Kugler


Josh and Maria Kugler went thru the school in July 2001. They are operating their own business now in Angola, Indiana called Aardvark Sign Company. Josh still does guided fishing trips on the side. They have guided and cooked in Colorado, Kansas, Alaska and Indiana.

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