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Jonah Vincent, Hoquiam, Washington, Class 2009

I had been working as a nuisance wildlife removal tech for two years when I decided I had had enough of crawling around under houses and up in attics. I found out about guide schools on the internet and decided to give it a shot. After searching around for a bit, I decided on Royal Tine. No regrets there! I learned a ton from Cody and Steve and thoroughly enjoyed LeRee's cooking! The awesome trout fishing in the surrounding area and on the pack trip were a great bonus!

It was just a few phone calls after graduating, that I was hired on at Elk City, Idaho.

I had a great time packing mules with Stitch Kaech and got to meet fascinating people from all over the country during the ensuing elk season. After a winter of odd jobs I was ready to hit the saddle again. Cody and LeRee suggested a few outfitters to apply with. I did, and after a few days I was offered a job in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I am looking forward to spending a summer leading pack trips into the Teton Wilderness area.

Thank you Cody and LeRee for a great school and for all the help since graduation!

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Greg Likens, Michigan, June 2009

My stay at Royal Tine was unlike any other experience I have ever had. I attended the June 2009 class where the wild flowers and morels were plentiful, along with black bears and my friend the 4 point mule deer buck (I wanted to sink an arrow into him.) Cody and LeRee filled my head with lessons and logic that you can't find anywhere else. They landed me a job in Wyoming being a camp jack/wrangler. Now I'm a master cross cut puller and I can split the most knotted pine log you've ever seen.

After waking up and looking up into Yellowstone and seeing a migration herd of 500 head of elk, I wanted to set my sights on becoming a guide. But now my sights are set aside for a little while because I'm going to be a packer in Alaska. I start my two year apprenticeship in August. Although I won't be working with any ponies there, I know it will still be a great job.

I can't tell you your stay at Royal Tine is going to be as good as mine (it was awesome). But if you work hard, keep your boots on straight, and study your information, I'm sure you'll leave Royal Tine with a big ol' smile on your face. Good luck to you all and remember, "don't drink downstream from the herd."

Greg Likens, Michigan

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Jeremy Smith, Sweetwater, CO

It was in 2000 when I decided from my room in college that I needed a change. Being from the mountains of North Carolina I wanted to see the Rockies. I did, on my way to P-burg to meet Cody and LeRee for the first time. I was certain before even showing up for school that I had made a good decision. Well, a good decision turned into the best one yet. I was in the spring class of 2002 and left from Montana directly to Colorado. I have been guiding ever since. Not so much fishing anymore, but found my passion for bow hunting with clients and for myself.

What I learned in five weeks with Cody, Johnny, and LeRee will be with me forever. "We" have a drive for the outdoors like not many people. I love it!! Long days, and short nights. All of it spent in the woods. I can't even begin to write all of the incredible things that passed in seven years of being a guide. The people, places, and things have been life changing. That is just me though!

Thank you Cody, LeRee, and Johnny for all the knowledge, patience, skills, and friendship.

"stay calm, pick a spot"
Jeremy "Red" Smith...Sweetwater, CO

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James Sciascia

This is James Sciascia that went through the school in 2008. He is working for one of the top mule deer outfitters in Wyoming and guided this 208" B & C buck last year. Royal Tine places guides with some of the best and biggest outfitters in the business and the reason is simple, our guides are trained the best and they are in demand! Congrats James to a real DANDY buck!

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Joe Meyer, Missouri, Class April/May 2008

I found Royal Tine's website in the summer of 2007, just surfing the web looking at guide schools. Can't really remember any of the other guide school names or websites, Royal Tine's just jumped out at me. All the former students that post on the forum all the time is probably what "sold" me. I was 18.

When I showed up there was two feet of snow on the ground. I was never "freezing", I was doing(and eating)to much to ever get cold, ha. The five week class did cover just about everything you could cover, and the meals were awesome!

The first two weeks were learning how to saddle, pack, ride, and anything else to do with a horse and/or mule. First aid, shoeing, etc... I'd never really ever done anything with horses or mules before. Just be the boss/driver of your horse/mule and don't get scared and it's a piece of cake, well sorta kinda. Learning to shoe is not the most fun, but I shoe about 20 head a year now.
I own my horses now, and ride as much as I can during the off season.

The next two weeks was about hunting, fishing, hounds, how to use topo maps, and stuff like that.
The GPS class was really good, a gps helps sooo much out in the "real world'.
Learning about elk hunting was cool, and I still suck at fly fishing.

The job placement was way beyond what I expected. LeRee called the outfitter before I did, they didn't just give me a bunch of phone numbers to call.

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I've been working for Redfeather Guides and Outfitters, in Gould, Colorado for 3 years now.
We do summer pack trips, horse back rides and some fishing trips from mid June 'till the end of August. We offer fully guided Elk and Moose hunts, from late August to the end of October.

One of my classmates from Royal Tine, Cooper, started at Redfeather the same time, and worked full time for two years and part time last year.

When I got married in the spring of 2010, my wife got a job at Redfeather as a full time cook and part time wrangler when we had large groups come by during the summer.

Almost anyone could go and pass IF they like hard work and pay attention. Not to scare anyone, but the real deal is a little harder than the school.

The school was worth the time and every penny, Thank you Cody and LeRee!

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Tim Knizek - New York - Class of June 2010

Hey Cody and LeRee,
Our season went fairly well. Archery season was a real grind getting up at 4 am and not getting to bed until 10 or 11pm, and we didn't kill anything out of 16 hunters. 80 degree temps, 30 some days of no rain and poor shooting were to blame for that. I was camp jack/wrangler during archery season but we had a guy leave in between archery and rifle so I guided for all of rifle season which went great, first season I guided a cow and second season I guided a pretty nice 4x5 bull. Third season was tough and neither I nor anyone else killed anything. During first and second rifle however, we killed 11 elk for 10 people (5 bulls 6 cows) with the largest bull grossing 294". Next year I have my dad and 3 guys he works with coming out for second rifle season, I'm really looking forward to that. I've been back in New York for a total of 10 days and I already want to go back.

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Adam Beaupré

"I knew a good guide school was absolutely key to accomplish what I was looking for in the Outfitting Industry...I wanted to be a successful outfitter and guide with a breadth of knowledge about a variety of field related techniques and situations. I reviewed a number of different site/schools in different states. What first struck me about Royal Tine was the website. The website was loaded with testimonials, pictures and was obviously created with care and attention to detail. Following review of dozens of websites, I made several calls to different schools and Royal Tine was the only call that felt less like a sales pitch and more like a true account of the service they would provide. I will never regret my decision to attend Royal Tine. As an outfitter in the great state of Idaho, I have had the opportunity to communicate with others in the industry, across a variety of western states, that attended alternative guide programs. Without fail, I find that the majority of other programs did not cover the wide scope of material presented at Royal Tine. Cody and LeRee are exceptional at bringing in experts in a variety of fields to give their students that hands on training necessary to succeed in the tough outfitting industry. They are professional, extremely knowledgeable, and provide a course that covers the topics necessary to succeed. I prefer to hire from Royal Tine for these reasons."

Adam attended Royal Tine in 2012 and owns Horse Creek Outfitters.

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