Long Range Shooting School

406 Precision

406 Precision and Royal Tine have partnered up to create a premiere long range shooting course in beautiful Philipsburg, MT. The class is for shooters hungry to stretch their equipment to its fullest potential. Throughout their stay, students will receive a mix of classroom instruction and field shooting experience mimicking live hunting setups. Bring lots of ammo!

Areas to be covered in class include proper rifle set-up, creation of custom drop charts, effective shooting form, information on field set-up and collecting environmental data, terminal ballistics, and much more. We encourage you to bring your own equipment capable of shooting out to 800-1000 yards. If you do not have an adequate system, a limited number of 406 edition Snowy Mountain Rifles are available.

If a top-level learning experience isn’t enough, the three-day course will also be held at the stunning riverfront property of the Royal Tine Guide School. Lodging and meals will be provided in a hunting camp atmosphere—sharing stories by a snapping fire with a belly full of Dutch-oven deliciousness will complement each day’s tactical instruction.

Ladies, we have accommodations available for you, too, and we heartily encourage you to come out and hone your long range skills as well.

Shoot smarter, farther, and more accurately—we'll help you make sure every shot counts. For more information contact 406 Precision or Royal Tine

Cost to Attend: $1250.00

If you do not have a shooting system available we have a select number of 406 Precision edition shooting systems for use in the classes for an additional fee.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information, thank you!

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