Royal Tine Guide and Packer School 2011 Testimonials

Keith Stark - Oregon

The first impression of seeing the wall tents when I showed up was that this guy knows what he's doing. It gives you a real taste of just how you will be living in the back country and a good start of what's to come. All the words of instruction are from people who have been there and done and that have used all the info they teach. All the things covered in the curriculum were of great use in day to day jobs in this field and will certainly help me better my skills when working for an outfitter. HOLY HELL WAS THE FOOD GOOD, I didn't have one bad thing the entire time I was here! The job placement assistance was a big deciding factor for me in picking a school and the past class pictures and testimonials were the clincher. By the end of the school, Cody had everyone in the class lined out with a good job lead. I learned more at this school than any education I've had in the last 12 years. This school puts you in the thick of what you really need to learn and was done with a hands on approach, that's what it takes for me to learn properly.

Keith can be emailed at
Keith is lined out to work in Montana's famed Bob Marshall wilderness as a packer and guide.

Scott Brown - Illinois

The school far exceeded my expectations, I have learned so much in the past 5 weeks, not only about guiding and packing, but also about myself. What you teach here, I don't think you could get the quality or the quantity at any other school. When I get a chance, I would like to come back to the cook school, so that I can learn a few of LeRee's secrets, the food was excellent! You have such a perfect location with all the elk and wildlife here and the accommodations were great. I am ready for my week off and then off to Wyoming for my new job, I sure didn't expect to have a job with just a phone interview before leaving the class. That was such a relief. Thank you again for everything!

Scott can be emailed at
Scott will be heading to Pinedale WY, to work as a guide and packer in the Wind River range.

Alex Jessen - Nebraska

This school far surpassed all expectations I had. The real life atmosphere the school is run in really helps prepare you for a job and how a real hunting camp will be. Everything was taught in a very matter of fact way, nothing was sugar coated. We covered more information in the last 5 weeks than you could possibly learn in a semester of college. The days are long with hard work, but you are rewarded every time you walk into the kitchen tent. I can't even describe how good the food was. I never felt afraid to ask any questions or make any mistakes at the school, these guys will answer every question, and probably have a great story to go with it. It is an easy going atmosphere and made it a fun place to be. I learned and accomplished things, I never thought I could. Cody's job placement is a very reassuring part of the school; you leave here with a very good chance at a job that suits your liking and your capabilities. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to chase this dream.

Alex can be emailed at
Alex is going to work for one of the top mule deer outfitters in Wyoming south of Jackson Hole.

Marcus Lyons - Alabama

My experience at Royal Tine has been awesome. I came here to be a guide and am leaving with those skills to help me become one plus much, much more. All of the time here was very well spent. When I came here, I had never ridden a horse in my life, but they teach everyone the basics and I left here with more knowledge about them than some of my friends have that have been riding horses for years. My experience here can't be summed up in words. The food was great. Also, the people I met here are one of a kind and I made some great friends. Once again, an experience of a life time and I can't put it any other way. Thanks.

Marcus can be emailed at
Marcus is going to work in Colorado where base camp sits at 10,000 feet.

Ryan Nelson - Ohio

This class has been the best experience of my life. It gives you a very real look at what it takes to be a back country guide. 5 weeks in a wall tent was a great experience in itself. It's hard to believe that I learned so much in such a short time. I would highly recommend this class to anyone that loves the outdoors, whether you want to be a guide or not. The food alone was worth the money. With the curriculum, location, instructors and overall quality of the school, it is easy to see why so many people come here.

Ryan can be emailed at
Ryan will be working out of Augusta MT in the Bob Marshall wilderness.

Charley Harmon - Kansas

This was an unbelievable 5 weeks; I learned a ton of stuff that is useful not only for being a guide but for everyday life. The atmosphere was really laid back and helped me settle in. I can't believe you got me a job lined out to guide already. Everything was amazing here and it helps you out so much. Thanks.

Charley can be emailed at
Charley is working at a lodge in Pike County, Illinois chasing monster whitetails.

Ed Panciera - Rhode Island

I thought the class was very informative and well taught. Camp was set up to give you the real experience of how it is. Everything went in the right order and from hardest to easiest. The food was excellent...I ate way too much. I wasn't looking for work this year, but quite possibly next year. Overall, GREAT EXPERIENCE, GREAT PEOPLE, AND GREAT TIMES.

Ed can be can be emailed at
Ed has made contact with a well known outfitter in Leadville, CO and may go to work there next year.

Chris Clifton - New Mexico

The accommodations were excellent, the stove and cots made it feel like home. I really liked how we were all put together I think it really made things easier on all of us, i.e. questions, studying, and joking non-stop. The instructors were really great and I thought you guys did a great job of explaining instructions and being persistent to teach us and be patient with us. The curriculum was really cool and taught me more than I ever thought I could learn in such a short time. Not just guide skill, but this course taught me a lot about myself. I took the outlook that you guys took with us, (always wanting to learn more about hunting, and being enthusiastic about new challenges). The food was so good, I'm sure you could tell by my 3rd and 4th servings at every meal. I really appreciate your job placement efforts, it means a lot to me to finally pursue my passion of being a big game guide. Thanks for everything; I will never forget this time in my life.

Chris will be guiding in southern Colorado this season and can be emailed at

Jake Deatherage - Kansas

I LOVED THE CLASS! The accommodations were great, and the food was amazing. Everything else was great also. My favorite part of the class was learning how to pack and shoe horses. My overall experience was amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The class far exceeded all of my expectations. Cody and Beau are excellent teachers.

Jake can be emailed at

Cody Taylor - Colorado

First off, LeRee sure can cook! The instructors and curriculum was top notch. The combination of instruction from Cody and Beau is able to reach everyone, no matter their prior experience. I loved the mock hunt, really made me feel like I was actually guiding and was great getting that close to that many elk. I've learned more in the past month than I ever thought possible; and the best part about it, is that I know I'll be referring to these things for the rest of my life. It was an awesome experience that I will never forget. Can't believe I landed my dream job in Alaska! Thanks for all the hard work!

Cody will be working in Alaska this fall and can be emailed at

Brady Breese - Kansas

Everything far surpassed my expectations. The food was the best ever and the accommodations were nice, and as real as it gets. The overall experience was awesome, keep up the good work; you guys do a fantastic job!

Brady will be working in Idaho for a fly in operation in the heart of the Frank Church wilderness and can be emailed at

Parent Testimonials

Just a few words to extend my thanks to Royal Tine Guide and Packer school, for the experience my son had at your 2010 April-May class. It has given him a tremendous foundation and the ambition to pursue a career in the hunting and outdoor industry. Shortly after completion of the school my son John was able to secure a position with Big Dog Outfitters in Kansas. Even with only one season guiding whitetail, waterfowl and spring turkey, his outlook on life and desire to gain more experience is phenomenal. What a joy as a parent it has been to witness his happiness and excitement as he starts each day no matter what the hour or the job ahead. None of this would have been possible without Cody, LeRee, Stephen and everyone else involved at Royal Tine. The amount of knowledge and skills you taught him has and will have a tremendous impact on his life and future. Royal Tine and everything you offer in my opinion is the most outstanding school of its type in the industry.

Many many Thanks,
Mike Hancock

I believe that Royal Tine teaches much more than how to balance a load on Ruben the mule. When my son speaks about what he's learned, it's more about life. Outdoor life requires self-confidence, integrity, respect, and hard work. Being in the wilderness should make you feel humble, respectful and small. If you don't get that, the wilderness will eat you alive. Royal Tine teaches a skill set that allows the students to grow both in their knowledge of packing and guiding, and in life skills that are essential for working in that environment. Cody, you have changed my son's life! Now, he wants to take the cooking school as LeRee's cooking was also life changing for him! Thanks for making his dreams come true! I would love to meet you guys sometime. I simply can't express my gratitude both with the school, and with Alex's placement at Non-Typical Outfitters. He loves it there.

Thank you both, from a mothers heart.
Kyle Jessen
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