Guide School Testimonials 2013 - 2014

I had spent two seasons wrangling for a former Royal Tine graduate and knew that if I wanted to move forward in this industry, that this was the school for me. They went all out every day and provided us with vast amounts of knowledge, challenges, and amazing food. I would recommend this school in a heartbeat to anyone interested in this industry, looking for a challenge or wanting a good time with good people because Royal Tine offers it all.
–Jamie, Challis ID

I really enjoyed my time here at Royal Tine. The pack trip scenery was unbelievable. The fishing at Cow Camp and Zekes meadows was phenomenal. The elk scouting/hunting knowledge I acquired will be put to good use. I cannot wait til September to start calling in bulls in Colorado where I was placed with a great job.
– Sterling, Alpine AL

Royal Tine Guide School blew my mind. I learned more here in a month than I did in high school. My favorite days were land nav and the pack trip......oh hell, I enjoyed the whole school. Cody and LeRee run a great school and know what they are talking about.
–Jesse, Cincinnati, OH

First I would like to say the food was amazing. I enjoyed every day at the school, even shoeing the horses. Also couldn't have asked for better instructors than Cody and Bird. Lastly my overall experience at Royal Tine was fantastic, and what a beautiful place to stay to boot! Heading to Idaho to start my job that Cody lined up for me before class ended.
–Dalton, York PA

I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to attend Royal Tine Guide School. After having checked out reviews of the school online and finding nothing but positive feedback, I signed up and am happy to say that I am in total agreement with the previous students whose reviews helped make my decision. The atmosphere at Royal Tine is friendly and fun while at the same time instilling in students an appreciation for the hard work and discipline required for guiding and packing. I would encourage anyone interested in guide school to attend Royal Tine. Cody got me a job in Montana in the famed Bob Marshall wilderness starting next week. Can't wait to start!
- Will, Bethesda MD

I had a blast at Royal Tine! I have learned more within the past 4 weeks than I did in all of high school. I am so proud that I graduated from Royal Tine. If you are thinking about going to guide school, this is the place! The instructors spent a lot of 1 on 1 time with every student to make sure they understand it all. The food was off the charts! This was an experience of a lifetime and I'm really looking forward to the future and the new job I got. I'd like to give a huge thanks to Cody, LeRee and Bird for making this one helluva an experience! Got placed with an outfit in Wyoming and can't wait to get started
–Jordan, Swanton MD

I had no idea what to expect coming to guide school. I spoke with Cody and LeRee several times before deciding. They both made me feel this was the best choice for me. When I did arrive, I was introduced to the instructors and other students and class started almost right away. The one thing I really like is that we were treated as I would expect an employer would treat someone. Cody is fair and firm. They let you know when you make mistakes and how to fix it and are very observant and professional in every regard. Cody and Bird both shared hunting experiences with us and they both have a passion for what they do that us would-be guides should strive to achieve. I also felt that I had chosen a school and someone I could call and keep in touch with to share my hunting experiences, and ask questions and advice at anytime. I had 3 job leads from Cody by the time I left....what more could anyone ask for?
–Don, Bryan TX

This has been a wonderful experience, covering a wide range of practical back country guiding skills in a rural and rustic yet comfortable environment. The instruction was intensive, with the instructors taking the time to explain, demonstrate, and then have you put that skill to practical use. The food was always hot and plenty of it. What I enjoyed most was the pack trip where we had the opportunity to bring everything together and be out and enjoy some of the Big Sky country!
-Cameron, Miles City MT

Cody's curriculum, instruction methods and facility trains an individual in the 5 weeks what would take an outfitter a couple seasons at least! Not only does Cody feed you a plethora of knowledge from a lifetime of experience, he also holds you accountable for all of it in the classroom and in the field. As LeRee says...."A+" experience! Cody even placed me with a job in New Mexico where I had hoped to work. Can't give enough thanks!
-Justin, Ruidoso, NM

This school by far exceeded anything I expected. Food was out of this world. Curriculum and instruction is hands on and a blast as far as Cody keeping the class fun and informative. Overall, I couldn't ask for anything more from this experience and I now feel confident in my abilities to go ahead and apply these skills I've learned towards the new job Cody set me up with in here in Montana!
-Bryn, Prior Lake MI

I started talking with Cody and LeRee last winter about my VA benefits paying for the school. They were both very helpful walking me thru that process which worked out great. When I arrived at the school, and clear throughout the school I honestly felt like family! Cody is patient and fair in his teaching and LeRee's cooking was beyond words. Job placement was a big deciding factor for me, and Cody came through as he said he would. A++++++ experience from beginning to end, thanks Cody and LeRee!
-Gary Texarkana, TX

Royal Tine was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I learned more than I ever thought I would. I loved all the horse and packing stuff and the shoeing was a blast. I always wanted to learn how to shoe horses and I did here. Cody and LeRee have a kick ass program and are very knowledgeable and outstanding instructors and very professional at what they do. I loved how Cody took extra time with me to understand things and make sure I was doing everything the right way. Cody will work your ass off, but it's all worth it in the end! LeRee is funny as hell and cooks the best food ever. She knows her stuff and you will probably gain 10 pounds when you are here. Overall, I loved this experience and would love to come back They got me my dream job in the Frank Church of Idaho and I am so excited to start.
–Zach, Palo Cedro CA

This 5 weeks was an absolute blast and Cody has some of the best horses and mules for what he does. I can't believe how gentle they were. I have walked away from this class with the confidence to guide about anyone to about anything. Thanks so much!
-Shaun, Pelahatchie MS

Everything here is laid out great from the tents to the cook tent to the food, curriculum and instruction. I learned more than I ever thought I would. Instructors were more than happy to help anyone in need and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this class to anyone.
–Matt, Conover NC

I learned more in one week than I thought I would in the whole class. This course was amazing. Straight from high school, it was a great way to get my foot in the door to something I have always dreamed about doing. Job placement was awesome, especially in my home state of Colorado. The lessons are very well organized and a great sense of humor is involved while teaching. You can't go wrong here! Best part of the class was the pack trip. Using the horses and mules to get back into the back country was truly awesome. We saw tons of wildlife and the fly fishing was phenomenal. I don't even want to leave here!
-Tyler, Littleton CO

Just an incredible experience from start to finish!!!! Off to Colorado to my job they hooked me up with. Can't wait to get my hunters some game!
-Kevin, Woodson TX

Everything here was beyond what I expected. Cody and LeRee have an A+ operation. I feel like I have learned more than enough to go and be a good employee for any outfitter. Going to go interview with the 3 job leads you gave me and I will be in touch. Thank you both for a great learning experience and I consider you both great people and friends.
–Shaun, Stanberry MO

Had a blast at guide school! Better than I ever could have dreamed! Wall tents had plenty of room and were warm and comfortable. Lessons were fun and easy to learn. Job placement was fast and knowing that the outfit would be a good one. Fantastic time in God's Country!!! I start work tomorrow.....can't believe it!
-Nathan, Pittsburg PA

I came into this school not knowing if I could do this line of work. After a short month, I came to realize new talents and goals that I never even realized were possible. I look forward to hunting and packing for my new job!
-Ryan, Kalamazoo, MI

I loved the class. It was full of great people and was an awesome learning experience. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to be a guide. Cody and LeRee do a great job, and I couldn't have picked a better school. I have to be at my new job tonight, the same day we got done with school!
-Chase, Bluejacket OK

The course curriculum is well structured, laid out great and in perfect detail. I feel like I am well prepared for the guide job market, with a solid base of skills on which I can build. The accommodations were better than expected, spacious and convenient. The food was delicious and there was plenty to go around. I was well setup with 4 great job leads, and Cody's advice on which was best for me. Cody and LeRee are a brilliant team, down to earth and approachable. I really enjoyed my time at Royal Tine and have learned a lot.
–James Johnston, Australia

Royal Tine was as thorough and applicable as anyone aspiring to be a guide could hope for. Just being able to obtain a fraction of what Cody as learned thru years of experience has widened my horizons. You could not ask for better cooking, LeRee is a master cook and also a hell of a guide. It is intense learning and hands on application with easy going guys, and often hilarious instructors. I have the utmost respect for Cody and LeRee. What they have established at Royal Tine is truly top notch. I will be guiding an elk archery hunt in 2 weeks. I can't believe it.
–Eric, Madison WI

I want to thank you guys for dealing with me for a month. Before I came here, I had no clue about working with horses and mules, and now I can't believe the knowledge and experience I have obtained with them. This is the best thing I have done since graduating high school and I can honestly say that I learned more at Royal Tine than I did in college. Thanks for the great job leads too!
-Tyler, Reno NV

Thanks so much for everything. This experience was truly an eye opener and something I will remember forever. I have wanted to be a hunting guide since I was a little kid and now it's going to happen. I can't thank you enough for hooking me up with a great job in Montana. I will for sure send you info and pics of how my season goes. Best of luck to you both this season!
-Steven, Sugar Grove PA

Cody and LeRee are excellent teachers. They were very willing to spend extra time with us to make sure we understood what it was we were doing. No matter how much trouble we were having with a subject, they made sure to help us learn it to a point where we were all comfortable with it. That's what makes them such great teachers. I had a great time here and learned a ton. I came into this school not knowing what to expect and left with endless possibilities. This is experience was second to none and is something I will keep with me for the rest of my life. I won't be going to work until next year, but Cody placed everybody else that wanted a job, just like he said he would the first day of class.
–Sterling, Vergennes VT

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