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Royal Tine Guide School

Welcome to the Royal Tine Guide and Packer school. If you are looking for a guide and packing school that will teach you all you need to know to live and work as a wilderness hunting guide, you absolutely came to the right place.

Do you want to learn how to saddle a horse, pack important hunting and camp gear on a mule string and confidently ride the trail to a wilderness hunting camp? How about scouting for elk, strategizing the first hunt, bugling in a screaming bull and placing your hunter for the perfect shot? Done and Done! We also show you how to quarter, cape and gut that elk or deer and pack it on the mules back to hunting camp.

So, your horse throws a shoe 15 miles in on a rocky mountain trail …no problem, we cover horse shoeing. You will learn how to safely and confidently navigate the back country with our extensive map, compass and GPS instruction. Learn important knots and how to get camp set up to withstand wind, rain and snow. Taking good care of your horses and mules in the back-country is crucial, you’ll learn valuable lessons and get plenty of hands on experience with our stock. Read and follow a blood trail to be sure to recover your hunters’ first big buck deer or bull elk. Accurately score and field judge animals so you know the animal before and after your hunter fires the shot. We even discuss the best and most important gear that a guide needs while hunting and working in the field. Once you have learned all the basics in guiding, packing, hunting and wilderness survival, if you seek to continue a career as a big game hunting guide, we will put you to work with an outfitter.

Some alternative courses from our school include fly fishing lessons and outdoor camp cooking classes. We also offer custom back-country wilderness horseback trail riding adventures.

If you’ve ever had the desire to be a wilderness outfitter, a big game hunting guide, a mule packer, a camp cook, or to simply learn how to better enjoy the traditional outdoors, then come join us in the Rocky Mountains for the time of your life! We hope to hear from you soon!

Sincerely, Cody and LeRee Hensen


Royal Tine has been teaching guiding and packing for over 25 years!

We’ve been hard at it since 1994, come celebrate this year with us in one of our acclaimed wilderness guide courses! Our curriculum is endorsed by the Montana Board of Outfitters.

“I knew a good guide school was absolutely key to accomplish what I was looking for in the outfitting industry… I wanted to be a successful outfitter and guide with a breadth of knowledge about a variety of field related techniques and situations. I reviewed a number of different sites and schools in different states. Following the review of dozens of websites, I made several calls to different schools and Royal Tine was the only call that felt less like a sales pitch and more like a true account of the service they would provide. I will never regret my decision to attend Royal Tine. As an outfitter in the great state of Idaho, I have had the opportunity to communicate with others in the industry, across a variety of western states that attended alternative guide programs. Without fail, I find that the majority of other programs did not cover the wide scope of material presented at Royal Tine. Cody and LeRee are exceptional at bringing in experts in a variety of fields to give their students that hands on training necessary to succeed in the tough outfitting business. They are professional, extremely knowledgeable and provide a course that covers the topics necessary to succeed. I recommend attending Royal Tine for these reasons.”
– Adam Beaupré. Adam attended Royal Tine in 2012 and now owns Horse Creek Outfitters.

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Packing Classes and Courses

Learn new skills and have a blast in our 3 day packing class.

Camp Cooking School

Did you know Royal Tine offers a 2 week outdoor cooking school and a 3 day dutch oven course? Every camp needs a cook!

Outdoor Adventures

Photo safaris, horseback trail rides, custom pack trips, you name it! When school is not in session we’ll be happy to take you on the Montana outdoor adventure of your dreams!

Veterans Benefits

Royal Tine is approved for veterans benefits and job rehabilitation through the Department of Labor (WIA) learn more.

Need To Hire A Guide?

If you run a hunting operation and need a guide, we can help.

Horse, Mule, Hunting Video

We created our own instructional video!
Download or order our Horse and Mule Packing Video.